6 new tracks available at SoundCloud

I recently acquired my first true analog synthesizer (not counting the Monotron). The Moog Slim Phatty has been a complete inspiration and I’ve been writing constantly ever since picking it up. I’ve made a custom sequencer in Max featuring summed LFOs and pattern editors, and coupled with Petri, it’s been a great way to work organically and step away from the software sequencer paradigm.  I’ve long avoided the tired debate of analog vs. digital, and still value the latter greatly, but it is astounding how alive this instrument is.  I find myself fantasizing about it while I’m away from it during the day.

My wife seems okay with that.  🙂

If you haven’t already, follow me on SoundCloud.  I’m starting to give away tracks for free, and there are 6 new ones available featuring the Moog and Petri.

Happy listening!

Grai-ns-d by sineqube