Kevin P. Holland’s (sineqube’s) current work focuses on live looping using electric guitar. He creates original improvised soundscapes by orchestrating and layering the vast timbral palette of his prime instrumental love.  Playing with the balance between the gentle, soothing bed of ambience and the unexplored quirky frontier of experimental music, he fuses elements of both to paint a live aural canvas both eccentric and inviting.

Kevin is a classically trained musician, artist, software engineer, and educator.  He has written 800+ pieces of music, shipped seven music applications written in Max/MSP, helped develop and ship six iOS apps, and co-created the NTH Music Synthesizer and Luminth Generative Music System at NTHSynth, LLC.  Kevin has taught private music lessons for over 20 years, and offers workshops on improvisation and live looping through jandkmusic.com.  He has worked in various genres including classical, jazz, blues, punk, rock, ambient, electronic, and experimental, and has scored for film, television, web, and video games.

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