Another new track – “Squoothy Scrunchy Bikso”

Squoothy scrunchy bikso by sineqube

So, the Stupid Box is doing interesting things to my head. This is perhaps one of the darkest pieces I’ve written. A sharp contrast to the fun and quirky sound of last night’s track.

I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve changed over the years and have tamed my sound considerably from what I was exploring, say, a decade ago. I’m eager to turn that around and embrace the darkness as well as the light-hearted again.  I think I have been shutting out certain aspects of my mind and as a result, may be neglecting pieces of me that I miss.

If I believed in numerology, I might mention that this is the 13th track I’ve written this year and that the time reads 2’22”, and try to draw some spooky conclusions.  But I don’t believe in any of that, so I won’t.

In any case, as I said over at Soundcloud in the track description, don’t listen to this if you’re already depressed, or if someone is chasing you with an axe through the woods.  Although it does seem to pair well with Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald.  I recommend lights off, and headphones.