Sitting in with Sonikora – 5.13.17

Very excited to be sitting in with Sonikora at The Vanderelli Room today. We've done a few private jams together, and they have been incredibly interesting, varied, and inspired. Everything from ambient soundscapes to free jazz experiments to 70's funk, and even a bit of Primus-influenced carnival sounds. Come see the magical…

Private House Concert, Part I

I was fortunate enough to play music at a recent house concert, surrounded by stellar artisans of sound. Below is the first of two parts from my portion of the evening. Suggested use: background music while working or chill out session before sleep. Thanks for listening and sharing.  🎵

Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival

Exciting news! I'll be playing a live looping guitar set at this year's Rootwire Transformational festival! I'm thrilled that my wife will be performing with me as well. Check out the link below; It's sure to be a beautiful experience. 🎵

Video: Ditto X4 Looper Review/Demo

Recently upgraded my pedalboard with the new Ditto X4 Looper from TC Electronics. I was using my trusty Boss RC-2 for years, but the following features on the Ditto X4 hooked me: - two independent loop buffers that can be run simultaneously or serially; - MIDI syncable; - decay knob…
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