Kapling 1.0 now available!

Kapling is a little standalone physical modeling synthesizer. It attempts the emulation of vibrating strings and resonant bodies and can be used to create strange and beautiful boingy, klonky, twangy tones. Key features include:

• 8 independent synth voices
• 32-step sequencer
• realtime timbral controls
• randomized initial impulse to provide natural variation over time
• tempo-synced stereo delay
• store presets for pitch, sequences, and timbre, and export them to disk
• record output directly to disk as an aiff file
• cpu monitor helps keep track of the tax on your system
• each voice has a hotkeyed mute switch for ease of live use
• freeware! (but donations are welcome!!)

More info can be found on the Kapling page. Enjoy!