Petri 1.1 available; MIDI Sync; Intro video

Lots to report.  😀

Most importantly, Petri 1.1 is now available.  Basic MIDI synchronization is now included.  I’ve personally tested it with the Alesis Ion, Korg Electribe EMX-1, Logic 9, and Live Intro, and have been happy with the results.  Beta testers have reported success as well, but I encourage everyone to test out the demo prior to purchasing to see if it works the way you like beforehand.

Petri 1.1 also has a bit of ReWire included.  Now, before everyone slams me with emails, I’ve found this to have some wonkiness.  Sometimes things work perfectly and all syncs up correctly and the clouds part and chocolate bunnies glide down on rainbows performing the sickest percussion I’ve ever heard, and other times things are … a bit off.  So, ReWire is kind of in there, but your mileage may vary.  I think it has something to do with Max’s [sync~] object, as even the help patches within MSP exhibited some weird behavior, confirmed by beta testers.  So, have fun with it, or don’t.  It’s straddling the fence between official and not but I figured I might as well keep it in there in case it’s helpful/fun/awesome, no?

Also, if you hate reading manuals, quick start guides, and mouse-over hints, now you can just sit back and let my gravelly voice walk you through the main features of Petri with this YouTube video: