Homemade synth video and 2 new tracks at Soundcloud

Just finished wiring up my new little 4-oscillator synth.  Still need to prepare an enclosure, but it’s working wonderfully so far.  It’s using a NAND gate Schmitt trigger IC (CD4093) and features 1 oscillator functioning as an LFO flipping between two others in the audio range.  Another oscillator is providing some fun cross modulation voodoo between the two main tone generators.  It also has a photoresistor that can alter the pitch of one of the oscillators (or be switched off via toggle), and some light low pass filtering.  And, of course, a blue light.  You can hear the result running through the Korg Monotron and Mini KP in the YouTube video below.  Not bad for a $0.29 chip.  😀

Also, uploaded two new tracks to Soundcloud featuring the same setup as listed above.  I’m enjoying seeing how much can be done with these little units, and I seem to be revisiting a minimal phase right now that is quite pleasing to me.  Nice.  Zen.

quadqube01 by sineqube

quadqube02 by sineqube