Petri Generative Sample Player

* Attention!  Petri is no longer supported.  Thank you for your interest in sineqube software! *

$30.00 US

Version 1.2

Petri is a sample player that generates its own sequences and selects up to eight random samples from a folder of your choosing. It was designed to create glitchy, IDM-inspired drum patterns very quickly.  More than simply creating randomized sequences, Petri uses a series of probability algorithms that respond to however sparse or dense you would like the patterns to be, simply by dragging a slider. If you prefer, all randomization can be turned off, and Petri can instead be used as a traditional sample player with sequences input by hand using a familiar 8×8 matrix editor. With a quick-start guide built into the program, mouse-over hints over most features, and a full manual, you’ll be creating patterns that rival your favorite electronic musicians in no time.

Petri operates in demo mode until you pay the registration fee.  The program is fully functional so you can make sure it works on your system before purchasing.  The unlocked and demo versions are identical in features except that the demo mode produces a 2 second sine wave burst every 30 seconds until you register.  Make sure you use a valid email address when buying the app, or there will be no way to send you a serial code!

MIDI syncing was added with version 1.1.  Please test this out with your system first by downloading the free demo to make sure it works the way you like before purchasing a registration code.  I have personally tested it and been happy with the results using the Alesis Ion, Korg EMX-1, Logic 9, and Ableton Live Intro.  Beta testers report positive results with Logic and other software as well.  However, you should test how it works for you as my sample set is relatively small.

Note to High Sierra users:

A fix has been implemented to allow Petri to be used with Mac OS X High Sierra. However, there is currently a bug in High Sierra where Petri will not read or store the authorization file entitled “petriauth.txt”. Unfortunately, this means that users will have to manually enter their authorizations each time the app is opened. I am aware of this inconvenience and am considering possible workarounds, but do not currently have a timeline for a fix.

This issue should not affect users of Mac OS X Sierra and earlier. Thank you for your support of Sineqube software.

mp3 1 • using only samples bundled with app
mp3 2 • using samples of “54 Cymru Beats” by Aphex Twin

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